Take it Away!

Hirwaun already has several Chinese take-aways but with our help a new Indian take-away is opening in March.

We are busy altering the premises at 70 High Steet and Raj, the well known proprietor, hopes to be opening on 6th March.

The new take-away is to be called the Lalon Shah after the famous philosopher and gourmet.

The storage, preparation and cooking areas are being fully tiled to ensure the food is always in a clean hygienic area.
New stainless sinks and preparation counters, redecorated shop and working areas mean that Hirwaun will boast one of the most modern Indian kitchens in Wales

Once the take-away is up and running, Raj intends re-opening the mini-market next door so that customers can order their hot food and pop next door to collect their drinks while their food is being freshly prepared by Miah, Raj’s experienced chef.


The take-away when we started